Sissy Contest Winner

By Bianca Buttcakes on

My daddy Jazzy is so fun! She likes to throw contests for sissies to entertain her and her girlfriends. With the winner receiving a free month of her fan page, which is an amazing prize as a month of Queen Jazzy is like heaven!

I was so nervous when I submitted my video, wondering how Queen Jazzy would respond. I was dressed up like a bimbo whore, with a white bra, and creamy red lipstick. Rubbing my bitch tits, and sucking on my BBC dildo. Totally exposed as a cum loving sissy slut.

So Queen Jazzy and her girlfriends got together for a little party to watch and judge the winners. She told me how all the girls laughed so hard when they saw my video. This made me blush in sissy shame, but felt so good at the same time. My little clit kept twitching in it's cage at the thought of it! They were also pleased with the amount of effort I put into my makeup and nails, and I won the contest as a result!

When I saw the announcement it was a flood of girly emotions, and made me tear up a little bit. Thank you so much to my Daddy Jazzy, and all her girlfriends, for allowing me to serve and entertain as your sissy pet!

Sissy cuck in pretty panties

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This is a cute lil pic rebekah sent me earlier. The black lace ruffles and opaque panties look so cute wrapped around her caged clit. What I love about this pic is the message it sends. If a typical sissy tucks her clit back and puts on panties she can look just like a woman. Rebekah can't do that though, because I keep her in a pretty pink cage. This is to show that she is not a man, and she is not a woman either. She is my sissy cuck!

That limp clit between her legs doesn't even belong to her, it belongs to me! I've got her so trained now it's changed her on a physical and emotional level. She tells me how she trembles and starts to shake with fear when she even touches it. Even when it's just for legitimate reasons, like cleaning it and putting on a diaper. I asked her if she would ever try to masturbate like a man again. She said it made her feel like she was going to vomit, and then apologized for even thinking about it lol

The Derriere Phenomenon

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I just had to share this gorgeous pic by Miss Coco Austin. She was awesome enough to share a little bit about her past, and what she describes as 'the derriere phenomenon'. Of course this is a just a sanitized way of putting it for mainstream consumption. What she really means is having a big fat booty for black cock lol It's not like it's a secret anymore, as everybody recognizes it when they see a woman with her style. Miss Austin is a real woman for black only, and it's so beautiful to witness!

She also gave a shot outs to other sexy celebrities like JLo and Kim Kardashian. These woman have all helped paved the way for women to come out as big booty bitches. I have personally witnessed their influence on so many women over the years. They see how hot and successful these woman are in their music and movies, and want to be just like them. In fact I'd argue this is not just a phenomenon anymore, this is the new reality!

From business man to cleaning lady

By Bianca Buttcakes on

I want to share a little background on rebekah first, as she is by far my most successful gay sissy convert. She was unmistakably male when I first got to know her years ago. She told me she had some submissive thoughts here and there, but nothing she would ever act on. I remember when I first suggested trying out women's clothing, she literally laughed at the idea, and said there was no way that was ever going to happen lol Of course I ended up getting the last laugh with that one =)

She used to live and work as a powerful business man, and at one point she even held some significant political power. This is all a long story for another post, but in short I manipulated rebekah into handing over control to her ex wife, and now she's taken over. Rebekah still works at the same place, but was demoted to the very bottom. Now she basically does secretarial work with all the other new girls. Eventually they all get promoted above her, but rebekah will never have that opportunity again, no matter how hard she tries.

Due to rebekah's transition she's been off work, but will be returning again soon. She recently visited to see how the girls were doing, and to check up on Louise. For those that don't know, Louise is not a person lol Louise is the name of the toilet in the men's washroom =) Louise is pretty much a slut, because she gets pissed and shit on by men every day. Check out her pic

Yes, those are real lipstick stains from rebekah making out with Louise lol This is really the only intimacy I allow rebekah to have. She gets to kiss and lick and drink from an old toilet covered in man juices lol I also demand that rebekah show Louise respect even though she's just a toilet. So I make rebekah refer to Louise as her 'Mistress Louise' at all times. Just to humiliate her that much more about the fact she worships a toilet =)

So rebekah told me the men's room was filthy, as the cleaning crew is a bunch of guys. So that gave me an idea =) I've decided that rebekah will be the new cleaning lady! From now on she will be keeping cleaning products with her in her big baby bag, along with all the other gay stuff I make her carry around lol This way she can start cleaning the washroom everyday, so that those guys wont have to.

To top it off I told rebekah to give one of them $20 whenever she does his job for him. She's going to say it's from the company as a thank you for the hard work, but rebekah and I both know the truth =) She's really doing it because she's such a faggot sissy cuck, that not only does another mans work, but will even pay him for it because I say so!

Join in the celebration

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I want to share a really awesome video that my sissy cuck rebekah brought to my attention. There was a time when it was taboo for a white woman to go black, but now it's not only becoming accepted, but heavily encouraged! Look at the way this beautiful white woman submits to a big black cock, while all her girlfriends cheer in celebration.
If you are a sissy watching at home then I want you to join in the celebration! I want you to literally clap along with the girls while you watch this video. Think about how your little white clit will never touch a woman like that, and how you would only disappoint her even if you could try. Then cheer out loud while you clap, and confess out loud that you are happy for her, because she is finally getting the satisfaction she could never get from a sissy faggot like you!

Happy New Year!

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My sissy wife rebekah and I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

This is always an exciting milestone for chastity fags. For me it was another pussy free year, but for rebekah it was an entire year locked in chastity! That's right, I made her lock herself up on Jan 1 of last year, and ditch the key. So as of today she has spent exactly 365 days with no erections, no masturbating.. no manhood at all!

She tells me it doesn't even try to get hard anymore, and that she doesn't think it could even without the cage lol Of course, I'm still not going to let her take it off. As far as I'm concerned that cage is just an extension of rebekahs body now. Maybe I'll let her take it off in 2019, or at least she can hope anyway lol

I also expect her to fully accept my choice here with a cheerful attitude. So rebekah honey, I know this really hurts, but I want you to put a smile on your face, and tell me thank you anyway. Tell me that you will submit, and accept another year of chastity under my control!

A Merry Manday

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Since Christmas was on a Monday, I wanted to follow up with a lil manday theme for it. The holiday's are a time for giving, especially if you're a sissy cuck. And one of the best gifts you can give your wife or girlfriend, is the gift of Big Black Cock! Has she ever looked this satisfied when sucking on your little dicklette? Or does she deny you blowjobs completely at this point?

It's obvious these two sisters got exactly what they wanted this year.

Looks like Santa's little helper is ready to offer her pussy up, and accept the gift of warm cum splashing deep inside her!

If you're a woman who's gone black that's awesome, but don't forget to tell all your girlfriends, so you can help convert them too. It looks like this girl got her bff the gift of Big Black Cock, and will turn her into a snow bunny for life after this. You never see a girl look this satisfied being fucked by a flaccid white dick.