Sissy cuck in pretty panties

By Bianca Buttcakes on

This is a cute lil pic rebekah sent me earlier. The black lace ruffles and opaque panties look so cute wrapped around her caged clit. What I love about this pic is the message it sends. If a typical sissy tucks her clit back and puts on panties she can look just like a woman. Rebekah can't do that though, because I keep her in a pretty pink cage. This is to show that she is not a man, and she is not a woman either. She is my sissy cuck!

That limp clit between her legs doesn't even belong to her, it belongs to me! I've got her so trained now it's changed her on a physical and emotional level. She tells me how she trembles and starts to shake with fear when she even touches it. Even when it's just for legitimate reasons, like cleaning it and putting on a diaper. I asked her if she would ever try to masturbate like a man again. She said it made her feel like she was going to vomit, and then apologized for even thinking about it lol

The Derriere Phenomenon

By Bianca Buttcakes on

I just had to share this gorgeous pic by Miss Coco Austin. She was awesome enough to share a little bit about her past, and what she describes as 'the derriere phenomenon'. Of course this is a just a sanitized way of putting it for mainstream consumption. What she really means is having a big fat booty for black cock lol It's not like it's a secret anymore, as everybody recognizes it when they see a woman with her style. Miss Austin is a real woman for black only, and it's so beautiful to witness!

She also gave a shot outs to other sexy celebrities like JLo and Kim Kardashian. These woman have all helped paved the way for women to come out as big booty bitches. I have personally witnessed their influence on so many women over the years. They see how hot and successful these woman are in their music and movies, and want to be just like them. In fact I'd argue this is not just a phenomenon anymore, this is the new reality!

the beauty of femininity and going gurly and gay

By rebekah ruffles on

some days it's pinks and ruffles, some days it's slutty and some days it's a look that can actually pass in public, but no matter the look the joy is in having those options and embracing the feeling of being as gurly as possible.

a good day starts with feeling sexy underneath and i love lingerie sets like this. just look at the sensual material and the pretty bra cups and cute edging on the bra straps.  these are such a pleasure to put on and match up with panties, garter belt and stockings that your owner will love seeing too

omg so true.  clitty cages and painted toes are special little sissy gurl secrets but soon as we see them we're reminded how we failed as men but are thriving as gurls

do you like to match your toes to your fingers, or have them shades different but close enough so they compliment each other?

why would any boi want to remain a boi?'s not polite to stare but her makeup and nails are amazing and omg the lashes!

office appropriate for a sissy means pencil skirts and blouses and dresses that look cute enough to attract boys but not too provocative.

this is a look i'm planning for my return to work but i'll go with a flat or kitten heel. small changes every so often i think will work best until i'm in skirts and pumps even at work

wearing heels and having a flowing, feminine walk and movements takes lots of practice

last summer was the first time i wore tops that my bra showed through and for other tops i had my straps showing. i absolutely loved it

my vacation from manhood turned into a life time of being gurly gay thanks to Queen Bianca

ok...aching to have these in my closet.  have you ever seen prettier shoes?

top left bag is my fave, then below it.  they're so cute for spring!

i know it's winter but remember that pink box pleated micro skirt from Forever 21 i bought last year even though i couldn't fit into it. well i still can't, but i'm close!  by spring i'm determined it will fit like hers does

silks, satins, metallics, lace, ribbons, bows and cotton for this sissy gurl

so many women can't wait to take a bra off at the end of the day, but i love every second of wearing one and i'm almost as good as putting mine on as most girls are even with three clasp bras. and all my bras have matching panties so i always look pretty for Queen Bianca

i'd give anything to be a real girl and wear this like she does, and get invited to parties where i could show it off.  the pink floral party dress Queen Bianca had me buy is super pretty too

by the end of last summer i wore this look.  i can't wait to go even further for next summer

what a sexy dress! i love her clutch and she has the 'S' curve and body language that we talked about once upon a time.  learn and practice this posture til it becomes natural

were you lucky enough to have a sister or special female friend who liked that you dressed, or that insisted you did? no matter who this woman is, she's obviously making sure he learns how to put on a bra and who knows what happens next

it can happen just like that with the right stimulation and motivation. 

do you have an inner trophy housewife living inside you?  let her out

this is the kind of success so many women are having with their beta hubbies who make beautiful sissy gurl cuckolds

for Mr. Poppers (Queen Bianca's bf), curtsy to him, he loves sexy mani's and pedi's

once you're a gurl you may end up staying a gurl, and that means pussyfree and pantied

looking the part means living the part, and the lusts you used to have change into new ones

it may not happen instantly, but it will happen

you may end up watching fashion channels and subscribe to makeup channels on youtube, and you may also immerse yourself in gay porn with lots of cock and especially black cock to help encourage the changes in you until it's too late to reverse them

every chance you get, do it to yourself...the hypnos, the gay porn, the sissy sites...let them all work on your mind

and from there, one day your gurl clit will only respond to one thing...

a smart wife/gf/Queen will make sure that you don't have any of those 'man moments' and try to back out of being a gay gurl

and then she can seal your fate for good

you can be entertainment for her girls nights when she invites the cute guy who lives on your street to the party

and when she goes out with the girls, she may bring home a special treat for you so you can have his cream inside you too!

curtsy to Queen Bianca, xoxo

black meat, white defeat

By rebekah ruffles on

women are drawn to a strong alpha with good genes and a big cock.  more and more women feel this way about the difference between black men and beta white bois

it's common to read white women say that black men fuck differently, that they're so aggressive and just take what they want.

the contrast in skin tones is beautiful, his big cock goes places a white dicklette cannot

i always look for IR couples and am so happy for the white girl as i know she has a real man in her life.  i also love checking out the bulges and think of how big and thick his cock is

glistening and beautifully erect, such a contrast from a limp and lifeless white clit

stunning...this captures the raw essence of the connection.  i think Mr. Poppers would love her nails too

it's not only white women who are being converted to black cock.  the aspect of being gay and submissive to a black alpha can be hard for some white bois, but it get's easier and becomes even more natural if the white boi accepts he's a sissy for BBC

do it, serve him. kneel and worship

whether he calls you boy or fag or sissy, obey him.  he's not taking no for an answer

once a sissy is blacked, she may be told to display her devotion. be proud of it
remember the training tool? aren't you glad your Domina made you practice til you could give your black alpha a porn quality blowjob?

once he takes you like this he owns you for good and you'll be a BBC bitch for the rest of your life

putting in extra effort to look as sissy and femme as possible for your owner will make his big cock even harder, while you show him your obedience and keep your clit locked

curtsy to Queen Bianca,